Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week 1 update

So, week one has flown by. I will admit that this week was rough. Tracking everything I eat has been a challenge. Partly because I find myself not wanting to admit that I didn't stick to it. It has also brought to the forefront that everything in my life revolves around food. I love cooking. I love baking. I love seeing people eat my food and knowing that they like it. I will admit that most of the things I bake are treats. Now, I need to find something else to be my focus. I can still love cooking, but maybe I need to look at food in a different way. I cheated a lot this week and I know I can lose even more weight if I make a concerted effort.

The good news is that I am down two pounds. I am wanting to lose a total of 100 pounds, but I'm trying to be realistic and break it down into 25 pounds at a time. I can do 25 pounds. If I do that, I will be a healthier mom. I will be more active. I will be developing the habits I want to develop. So, my first goal is 25 pounds. My goal is to be down 25 pounds for our family vacation. Then, I can buy one or two new clothing items and feel great in time to see all of our wonderful family and spend time together.

This week, I have stalked a blog called "Drizzle Me Skinny". If you haven't checked it out, you totally should. This lady is a Weight Watchers success story. She has lost a lot of weight and has kept it off by creating a lot of great tasting, healthy dinners. My favorite one from the last week was the "Buffalo Chicken Lasagna Roll Ups." They were AMAZING. Even Bruce loved them. While I didn't use the diet cheese (I had a hard time finding it in my area), it only added one additional point to use regular cheese. They were spicy and saucy and just plain delicious. Tonight we are having Ranch Bacon Chicken Wonton cups and they look tasty. I'm super excited to try them. For me, finding new recipes that fit into my new lifestyle has been fun.

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